On the issues

Economic Development

I have seen the devastation this pandemic has had on families and businesses. Governor Northam and his administration have failed us as the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) has been rated as one of the poorest agencies in delivering help when people need it the most. This is unacceptable. We must continue to re-open safely. The stakes are too high, and families cannot afford to continue with these ill-advised shutdowns as well as tax increases and burdensome regulations. I will hold Governor Northam accountable and fight for us in Richmond.


It is no secret that the education system in the 90th District is failing our students. Our students need more opportunities which is why I am a strong supporter of school choice, homeschooling, and technical education.

Pro Life

As a mother and grandmother, I know that life is precious, and we must cherish it. I will fight against the progressive agenda to legalize policies such as a third-trimester abortion. I am 100% pro-life.

2nd Amendment

I will always protect our God given rights. This year, we have seen the new Democratic majority attack our Second Amendment rights. We must reject bad policies and keep our communities safe by allowing law-abiding citizens to arm and protect themselves. Lastly, we must keep our schools safe by providing law enforcement officers who are trained in stress situations.

Military services

Having the largest Naval base in our backyard – the military is of utmost importance to me. I will prioritize our military members and their families by providing them with support services for mental health and apprenticeships.

Unemployment rates for our military spouses are some of the highest groups in our nation. I will support our military spouses by increasing our license reciprocity with other states and providing them with the proper training they need.


One of the most important functions of government is to provide adequate infrastructure. As your Delegate, I will support better roads and look to alleviate traffic without breaking the bank.


As your Delegate, I support affordable healthcare without getting rid of your private insurance. I will protect those who have pre-existing conditions, and I will encourage competition among healthcare providers by allowing private healthcare insurance markets to thrive. I support doing away with the Affordable Care Act.