As your Delegate I will

Champion Covid-19 business recovery solutions by opposing tax increases, cutting burdensome regulations and safely reopening Virginia’s economy. Norfolk continues to see a declining population as the result of bad business deals and lack of support for businesses from our cities leadership. We are home to the nation’s largest Naval Base, have access to international waterways with a state-of-the art Port facility, yet we continue to see loss of revenue as we force our residents and businesses alike to spend their money in neighboring cities. Let’s work to “Live Here, Spend Here”

Work to revitalize our crumbling schools by safely reopening schools for our students and practicing fiscal responsibility over wasteful spending to re-inveest in building maintenance and support programs that encourage career and technical education such as welders, electricians, HVAC, etc.

For those with aspirations for professional career choices, Norfolk has amazing opportunities available. We need to prepare the ones who go directly into the workforce. The building trade industry has a nationwide deficit of trained qualified candidates. Let’s focus on preparing those individuals for success right out of High School. When our graduates go directly into good paying respectable jobs, it lessons the burden on our city, state and country. Our children should leave high school prepared to support themselves.

Stand up for safe neighborhoods by supporting our public safety officers with ample state resources, combat human trafficking, and protect citizens’ 2nd Amendment right. 

Together we can construct a better Virginia.